Smaller than a Chapbook but bigger than a grain of sand, our trademark Chapbooklettes are crafted from a single 8.5×11 sheet of paper origamied into a true pocket sized book. It features ONE or a few poems which have been rearranged (sometimes with illustrations) to span six pages between delightful cover art.

Chapbooklettes are always made available at the Berkeley price of $2.


chainsaw biting the wood, t anders carson

T. Anders Carson Chainsaw Biting the Wood — released 28 April 2013


david falkingburg, pulsar

David Falkinburg Pulsar — released 14 March 2013


elder zamora, after asuicide bombing in sana'a

Elder Zamora After a Suicide Bombing in Sana’a — released 28 February 2013


tape deck blues, kevin ridgeway

Kevin Ridgeway Tape Deck Blues — released 15 February 2013


tanka, thomas r thomas

Thomas R. Thomas Tanka Poems — released 15 February 2013


john buckley, maker of walls

John F. Buckley The Maker of Walls –released 15 February 2013


shannon phillips, cold bastard

Shannon Phillips Cold Bastard is My Favorite Lunch Meat — released 19 January 2013


roy anthony shabla, keys

Roy Anthony Shabla Keys — released 19 January 2013


another yellow union pacific, Charlotte San Juan Cover


Charlotte San Juan Another Yellow Union Pacific –released 4 November 2012


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